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The Lumen Design Manifesto

Illustration of hand holding small business website design guide

Words to live by. Here's what guides everything we do from start to finish when we're building a small business website.

Create + Cultivate + Collaborate + Connect

  1. Create Creation begins with discovery. And discovery begins with you. Before we can take pen to napkin we need to know you and your business like it’s our own. How did you get started? What motivates you to do what you do? What do you love about being a solo boss? What drives you nuts? Our first call is a bit like therapy, lots of questions about you, less about ROI and industry trends. Join our Google Chat couch and get comfy.

  2. Cultivate The discovery call is the first step we take on our get-to-know-you-journey. But we need to deepen the discovery with specifics if we’re going to start planing a unique site for you. Say hello to the Lumen Creative Intake Form where you can express your creative likes & dislikes, from your favourite font to childhood colours. Isn’t this this the basis of any great relationship?

  3. Collaborate We work with small businesses so we can connect and work directly with real people. We don’t like having to work up a chain of command to make a minor change. We also like getting shit done efficiently & cost effectively. Especially for small businesses that don’t have money to waste. E.g. you. So we work hand in hand with you to ensure we get to the finish line without unnecessary starts and stops. This starts with discovery and intake form and continues through our site mapping and wire framing stages which are like a building schematic for your website. We share the blueprint so you can confirm everything is where it should be before we lay the foundation and start the build. Sweet.

  4. Connect There’s a reason we work with small businesses. Because we are one &  want to connect with you.We seek meaning in our work and build with heart. We like to say, "meaning over money." We want to work with people who care about others and the communities we are all part of. Let us help you help others.


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