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How We Work - From Discovery To Launch

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Learning about your small business goals & building a website from scratch is a long message & adventurous journey, when done well. Here's how Lumen does it:

The Lumen Guide To Building A Sweet Small Business Website

  1. 1 hour Discovery Call

  2. Download & Read Creative Guide

  3. Complete & Submit Your Creative Intake Form

  4. Upload Content - Writing/Photos/Video

  5. Site Styles - Selecting Your Colours & Fonts

  6. Wireframe - Low & High Fidelity Site Mock-Ups

  7. Design & Build (Desktop/Mobile)

  8. Site Testing - Responsiveness, Speed & Accessibility

  9. Connect Domain & Launch!

The Discovery Call - Getting To Know Your Small Business

The discovery call is an opportunity for us to get to know you & your business. It’s less about specific design stuff (although we can discuss that too) & more about getting excited about what you do while fully understanding your business & marketing goals. We want to get as jazzed as you are & infuse this energy into all parts of your website build.

Client Stuff: The Lumen Design Small Business Command & Control Centre

Screen capture of Lumen Design small business website design client section

The Client Stuff section of our website has everything you will need to get the website building ball rolling. You can download this guide (already done, nice work!), start your creative Intake Form & upload your content (writing, photos, video, etc).

You can Check It Out here.

Colours & Fonts

Screen capture of colour palette for small business website design process

This is where we pretend we’re kids again & discuss our favourite colours. We’re not necessarily trying to identify a single colour. We’re looking to get an idea of where you stand overall - do you like a warm or cool palette? Do you prefer soft harmonious colours or bold ones with lots of colour contrast?

And there’s more! You’re not limited to solid blocks of colour. How about a two colour linear gradient to create a beautiful flow from section to section. Or go bold & use a multicolour fluid gradient for an entire page!

We strongly believe that fonts are a vital part of website design. If the tone of the font is not right, neither is your website. If the kerning or leading is not optimal, text becomes impossible to read, leading to higher bounce rates.

This is why we pay such close attention to fonts & typography throughout the design process. It’s also why we’ve included so many beautiful fonts to choose from.

The Wireframe

A wireframe is a basic website layout. In its low fidelity form it uses placeholders to represent content. It’s not meant to be a final layout or indicative of design elements. Think of it as a visual essay outline that will hep us determine if the design functions well & the user experience/flow is seamless & unbroken from first visit to conversions & beyond.

The wireframe process allows us to experiment with different design experiences & flows. It’s the only way we can design for specific screen sizes to accurately reflect a responsive approach. Moreover, it allows you to see different iterations of your site side-by-side as it is built out. We create one wireframe for your desktop site & another for the mobile site.

Design & Build: Bringing Your Small Business Website To Life

Because we work from low to high fidelity wireframes, much of the design work is complete before we start building your website. However, there is still much to do, including graphics & viewer interactions/animations.

Site Testing

Illustration of loading speed importance for small business website

Once the design excitement dies down (does it ever?), we roll up our sleeves to stress test your new site. Even the most beautifully designed website will underperform if it doesn’t meet speed & responsiveness metrics. No one wants to wait around for a site to load. Or squint to read tiny text on a cell phone that looks great on a desktop.

Responsiveness broadly speaking means that your site will look good & function well on a variety of different devices (phone, tablet, desktop, etc) & at varying resolutions and screen proportions. Moving from one device to another involves breakpoints. Breakpoints define the parameters of a particular device & screen resolution.

However, we strongly believe that responsive design is more than just breakpoints & screen size. Technically a website that works on a desktop & cell phone is responsive. But does it look good? Is the mobile design optimized for mobile use or just a slightly different copy of the desktop site?

Launching Your Small Business Website into the WWW

You made it! From our first chat to multiple revisions & a website you will be proud to share with the world. So what happens now?

It’s a pretty simply process. We need a domain & to connect that domain to a server. If this is your first website, you can simply purchase a domain from a variety of reputable brands, including Google, Squarespace & Network Solutions.

If you already have a domain, great! We can transfer it for you. Once we connect your domain to our nameservers, your site will go live after propogating across the web for about forty-eight hours.

Congratulations! Your amazing new site is now live!


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