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Hey Lumen, how do you build small business websites?

Illustration of hands designing custom small business website

That is a great question! Let's go over how we get things done for small business owners across the country.

First, let's start with our small business website builder: Wix Studio. Wix Studio is the professional version of Wix, successor to Editor X & designed for freelancers and digital agencies.

We choose WIX Studio for several reasons. First, it's a legit drag & drop editor, which means we can create truly original work, from scratch. It works like other layout & design programs, including: Adobe Photoshop, Figma & Indesign. All of which we use, as well.

We also love Wix Studio because it is both affordable and accessible. Despite being extraordinarily flexible and sophisticated, it's affordable and easy to use & learn. Which is vitally important to you, heroic small business owner, when we hand the site over to you after launch. Yes, that's right. You bought it, so you own it. It's only fair. Which means you can update content like text yourself, without ever paying design fees again. Sweet.


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