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Helping You Help Others

Illustration of two hands reaching out to touch heart against background of hearts

We created Lumen Design to help small businesses design & build affordable, stand-out websites. But we also secretly hoped to work with small businesses that really connect & contribute to people & communities across the country.

It's great that we have so much photography experience, however much of it was spent working with huge companies, both corporate & commercial. And much of the time we felt we weren't creating anything meaningful at all.

We want to empower & support small businesses to succeed in fields that help others. Like healthcare & wellness, physical therapy, mental health, food production, environmental advocacy, charity & not-for-profits, artists & authors, etc.

It's often the best people amongst us who have a hard time standing out. Please let us know if you're a small business that needs helpful with a brilliant, responsive website, that is both affordable and accessible even for the most limited budgets.


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